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Social Contribution Activities

Creation of Affluent Society

We believe that contributing to society is one of our most important management priorities, and are advancing social contribution activities primarily focused on priority themes: “health enhancement,” “support for child raising,” and "global environmental protection," considering the affinity of these activities with the life insurance business.

Health Enhancement

Social Contribution Business related to Health

The Company started the CSR activity, “Sumisei Vitality Action” in 2017 with the purpose of enhancing health and commemorating the 110th anniversary of foundation.


?“Move your body with your loved ones!”

Sumisei Vitality Action is a project through which we hope to enhance health and happiness by encouraging participants to move their bodies with their loved ones.
To enhance health, an appropriate amount of regular exercise is necessary. To encourage regular exercise, we recommend participants to “Move your body with your loved ones.”


?To create opportunities for participants to start exercising

Going forward, we will invite top athletes from every field to host “parent-child sports events,” etc. in 110 places all over Japan. Through encouraging parents and children to exercise together, we aim to enhance health and deepen family bonds.
Moreover, we also plan to participate in the organization of RUN events, etc., which are connected to health enhancement by allowing participants to enjoy running with friends and family members.
In addition, the Sumitomo Life Health Foundation provides support to regional sports groups.

?To promote deeper understanding of health-related issues

We organize health-themed lectures all over Japan, joining hands with the Sumitomo Life Welfare and Culture Foundation and the Sumitomo Life Health Foundation. Furthermore, we distribute promotional brochures, as well as other activities.

Initiatives related to cancer

We support cancer patient associations, etc. for the purpose of promoting early detection and treatment of cancer as well as supporting cancer patients and their families. We also conduct educational activities such as the “Cancer Treatment without a Fight: Particle Beams Seminar,” where we welcome the Doctor of Medicine Mr. Yoshio Hishikawa to give a lecture on “Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment: Particle Beam Therapy.” Furthermore, under the supervision of the National Cancer Center Japan, we have created tools such as “Things to Know about Cancer” and “Cancer Prevention Supporter,” which are distributed throughout Japan.

Initiatives related to dementia

We also provide support to associations that engage in dementia care. In addition, through specified courses, we have been training “dementia supporters.” 16,096 supporters (as of March 31, 2020) have completed the course so far.

Support for Child Raising

Sumitomo Life provides support in child raising, mainly from before childbirth to later childhood, focusing on the concept of “a place for children,” in order to support the healthy growth of children and child raising in society.

Child raising project to empower the future

Sumitomo Life sponsors “Awards in Support of Child Raising” and “Sumisei Woman Researcher Encouragement Prizes” backed up by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We grant the Awards in Support of Child Raising to and thereby assist distinguished activities that support child raising across the country, while introducing them as role models in an effort to spread the good practice to other areas.
The “Sumisei Woman Researcher Encouragement Prize” is a grant program intended to support both studies and child raising by woman researchers.

Sumisei After School Project

Meanwhile, we are committed to “Sumisei After School Project,” another activity in support of child raising aimed at improving the child-raising environments in all regions of Japan. The project is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. With the aim of creating a more enjoyable and safer environment for elementary school children to spend their time after school, we visit after-school child care centers throughout Japan to offer classes under the themes of life, health, and the future. This initiative received the “2017 Good Design Award.”

Children’s Drawing Contests

Since 1977, we have also organized international children’s drawing contests to help the healthy growth of children. Over 11.5 million works have been submitted since the start of this program. In addition, the winning works have been exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris every year since 2000, inspiring the dreams of children. However, the exhibition at the Louvre Museum was canceled in fiscal 2020 due to the new coronavirus outbreak.

Global Environment Protection

To support healthy lifestyles, we have constantly carried out various activities in consideration of the impact of our business activities on the global environment. We will continue to actively engage in such activities while keeping abreast of the times.

Initiatives through Business Activities

Addressing climate change (endorsement of the TCFD recommendations)

With climate change becoming a major talking point, as seen in the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, we announced our endorsement of the final recommendations report published by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), referred to as the “TCFD recommendations,” which set out a framework for disclosure of information on climate-related risks and opportunities.

Investment to solve environmental issues

We invest in bonds and other financial instruments aimed at solving environmental issues, such as green bonds and solar power projects in Japan. Based on the ESG Investment Policy formulated in 2019, we are further promoting this effort as part of our initiatives to achieve the SDGs.

Energy and Resource Conservation

Initiatives through business activities

We are making company-wide efforts to save energy and resources. Specifically, each department takes the initiative in reducing paper and electricity consumption in its business activities, which has a large environmental impact. In addition, we began digitalizing new policy contracts in 2019, which is expected to further reduce paper consumption.

Environment-friendly print materials

We use environment-friendly print materials for calendars and product pamphlets we provide to our customers, and for in-house training materials. We also put our unique eco symbol on such print materials, raising environmental awareness of our employees as part of company-wide efforts.

Environment-friendly property management

We make efforts to save energy by installing energy-saving equipment and carefully setting the temperature of air conditioners at approximately 100 tenanted buildings owned by the Company across Japan.

Support for the Environment and Social Contribution Activities

Coral Reef Conservation Project

Coral reefs, a gift of nature to human beings and also serving an important role from the perspective of biodiversity, are being destroyed by such factors as global warming, marine pollution, development, and natural disasters. To conserve coral reefs and foster sustainable communities, we have been engaged in the Coral Reef Conservation Project since 2008, supporting WWF Japan’s activities to save the coral reef ecosystem in the Nansei Islands.

Addressing the marine plastic issue

We abolished the use of plastic straws and switched to paper straws at our Head Office and Tokyo Head Office in October 2019. In support of the Ministry of the Environment’s Plastics Smart Campaign, we also engage in efforts to reduce disposable plastics and in beach and river cleanup activities.